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I'm a musician and maker. So it's natural that I fund my activities by crafting cigar box guitars, ceramic slides, and more! You can purchase my handmade CBGs, ceramic slides, handmade jewelry, and customized apparel here in my online shop.


This channel started as a home for my electronic operas and installation art but became something more. Music, audio, and performing arts technologies have liberated me as an artist, and I love sharing what I've learned with fellow creatives like you. 

I invite you to check out my Max 8, stage lighting, projection mapping, audio production, and audio electronics tutorials. I also have a brand new playlist dedicated to the ultimate musical instrument for creators - the Cigar Box Guitar! I've also got scholarly, yet unpretentious, tutorials about music composition and songwriting that were recently only available to my students. Sound interesting? Check out my channel!

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Live in or near North Florida? If yes, then bookmark my calendar! You'll find me and my cigar box guitars at local crafts markets and more!


Your source for cutting-edge electronic music and interactive multimedia art

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