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Base Price for CBG - $100

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  • I ship with FedEx for quality assurance.

  • Due to budget constraints, I can only ship within continental U.S.A. 


Would you like to add a handmade ceramic slide to this quote? (All slides are $8 each.)

Terms & Conditions
  • You will recieve an email from me at with your quote within 24 hrs of your request. 

  • Accept or Decline my quote via email as soon as possible. (I will process acceptances on a first-come-first-serve basis). 

  • Upon acceptance, I will email you a secure one-time Payment Link powered by Square Inc.  

  • I will ship your cigar box guitar once your payment is processed. You will receive a confirmation email with a FedEx tracking number. 

Thanks for your request!

Product Details

25'' scale length * phosphor bronze strings (.052, .042, .032), fretless, 27mm piezo disk pickup, wood-burnt scale degree markings (relative to 1-5-1 tuning)

Got Questions? 

Please email me, Dr. Liza Seigido, at or text me at (754) 229-9387

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