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Why & How to Build a Piezo Preamp for Your Cigar Box Guitar

You'll need a piezo preamp to get the most out of your cigar box guitar with a piezo pickup (aka contact mic). Piezo preamps resolve the frequency and dynamics issues caused by your piezo's high impedance output. You can purchase a piezo preamp, aka acoustic guitar preamp/DI, online on Amazon and any audio equipment supplier. However, its way more fun and cost effective to build your own preamp. In this video tutorial, I will reveal why you need a piezo preamp in more detail, and will take you through the process of how I built my piezo preamp using a popular circuit schematic featured in Collin's Lab and Cheers!


Understanding Impedance (Sound on Sound):

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Lourdes Sabates
Lourdes Sabates
28 mar 2023

Liza you are looking and sounding great. Very complex instrument but you make it sound simple

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